Scrum at Men Of Uk

Scrum is an on-going sequence of stimulating video clips from Men of UK. In this new erotic series, the activity is warmer than ever and starts with the guys enjoying football out on the arena. Jarec Wentworth from and chiseled Woodsy Fox have been viewing each other and are pleased when the game is finally over. Later on and in the locker space, Colby shows Woody the appropriate way tackle an opponent and during the process places his face right into Woody’s balls and cock still covered nicely in his jockstrap. Jarec gets a big smell of Woody’s balls and his own cock begins to swell.
After a quick glance around the locker space to be certain they are alone, Colby draws Woody’s long dick out from behind the shorts and places the long smooth cock meat into his mouth and then down his neck until he feels it start to expand and become even thicker and harder. Woody is stunned but enjoys the deep-throat of a lifetime. After getting his neck reamed by Woody’s dense shaft, Wentworth turns him over the locker bench and props his ass into the air.
After ramming his five finger and tongue up Woody’s tight bottom, he pushes first half of his pounding organ deep into Woody’s love gap before taking pulling completely out and then pushing it again repeatedly. As Woody feels the warm throbbing of a big hard tool on the walls of his asshole, he cannot control himself and sprays hot love juice all over the bench and floor while squirming from the thick joy toy penetrating and invading his tight and hot asshole.
Soon after Woody’s wet blast, we see a close up of Colby’s tight, smooth ass as Woody draws out and spurts his hot cum all over Wentworth’s ass crack. The experts of gay adult have done it again with this newest sequence, and the Men of UK will get your cock hard and drain your nut sack every time.

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