Jarec Wentworth and a big toy

Rafael Alencar and his 11.5 inch big toy are back for some more fun. In addition to his size he has a well toned body and tight ass. These are just some of the reasons why he is so popular with the other men.
Rafael is back hanging out in the Black Room. He is with a hot headed man named Jarec Wentworth. Jarec Wentworth has an 8.5 inch toy also and has shaved pubes. He has some tattoos to go on his fit body.
The room gets dark and Jarec Wentworth goes up to Rafael and starts to kiss him. Before he knows what is happening Jarec Wentworth takes out Rafael big toy and begins to suck on it. He takes the full length of the cock in his mouth which is not an easy thing to do. Within a couple of minutes both men are naked. Candles are the only thing that is lighting up the room.
Rafael gets behind Jarec Wentworth and puts his cock into Jarec Wentworth’s tight and waiting ass. Before entering he rubs his cock all around the rim to tease him. Jarec Wentworth is able to take the cock all the way in and the men got at it like this for well over ten minutes. Rafael pulls all the way out of Jarec Wentworth and then rams his way back in. he goes all the way. Jarec Wentworth is able to take all of this huge cock. While is he being drilling from behind he is stroking his own cock. He allows himself to cum all over Rafael’s hard body.
Rafael is about ready as to go to. He pulls his cock out of Wentworth’s ass and releases his load all over his face. While both men are satisfied for now they will be busy in the near future with each other and new partners as well.

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