His crasy stepdad

r2This is a tale of just normal folk. Well as normal as they can be if you live in the world of the paysite Drill My Whole. As you have all guessed, there is a sexual element involved in this hot story. However, getting back to the plot, this tale revolves around the lives of Jarec Wentworth and his crasy stepdad Dirk Caber who is a fair bit more experienced than dear Jarec. Jarec is just a slip of a lad at 18, who oozes of real sex appeal. He starts every day by having his customary shower. Unfortunately, Dirk thought along the same lines!

However, this is when things start to get interesting. Dirk spies Jarec in the steaming shower, caressing and fondling his abs, taking careful attention to wash every nook and cranny of his slender frim body. This excites Dirk, who can’t help but play with himself, as he watches young Jarec get hard. Dirk is reaching an erection too and he is really enjoying spying on his young stepson, who is undeniably attractive. Soon, Dirk starts to get overcome with sexual desire and gets all sorts of lustful and perverted thoughts inside his head. Surely he can’t let this adonis go to waste?

Dirk was thinking more boldly now and decided to make his move. Confidently striding into the bathroom, tugging his hot hard toy, with Wentworth getting more and more hard, he starts to fondle Jarec with a delicate ‘Shh’. Jarec is very surprised by this attention but nevertheless enjoys groaning and moaning with pleasure as Dirk begins to rub his joy toy frantically. Suddenly, Jarec is on the floor, blowing Dirk’s big, hairy tool as both grunt and enjoy the experience. Then Dirk also gives Jarec a blowjob, before the foreplay ends and they get down to the main business.

Jarec bends down carefully and ready, offering his tight bottom to Dirk’s big, hard drumstick and the relationship is consummated. They go at it frantically under the water, going in all sorts of the positions: on the floor, on the wall, everything you could imagine. The climax is near as Dirk spreads his legs and lets Wentworth penetrate him as both men moan with pleasure. This is a moment you definitely will not want to miss. Click Here To See More Of Jarec Wentworth

That scene certainly got my day of to a good start and I think you are gonna love the video itself.

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